Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Decorate A Porch Using Country Styles

A screened-in porch with country appeal.

Country styles in decorating include a wide range of themes, such as farmhouse, cottage and rustic. These themes share common characteristics that reflect a connection with nature and the surrounding landscape, making country-themed decor a good choice for your porch. Use elements from the various themes to create an eclectic appeal that brings comfort and visual interest to your outdoor space. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Create a color scheme for the porch. For a more rustic appeal, use earth tones such as dark brown, forest green, reddish-orange and sunny yellow. A cottage theme calls for grassy greens, floral blues and pinks and creamy whites. Bright red and deep blue with clean white accents works for a farmhouse-themed color palette.

2. Paint or stain the floor of the porch a darker tone from your color palette. Choose a lighter shade of that color for the ceiling of the porch. Coordinate the color with the exterior of your house to create a smooth flow between the house and the porch.

3. Use a contrasting or neutral color from your palette for the porch railings and columns.

4. Select a furniture theme for the chairs, benches and tables. For a cottage appeal, select wicker or wood-slatted furniture, keeping all furnishings the same material. For a more casual, rustic or farmhouse appeal, choose a mix of wood and wrought-iron furniture, choosing pieces that appear aged and gently used. Select furniture with curves and rounded corners, avoiding those with clean, angular lines.

5. Use fabrics for upholstery that reflect outdoor themes, such as floral prints or pastoral scenes. If you prefer patterns, such as stripes, choose fabrics that stay within your color scheme. Avoid fabrics with graphic or highly stylized patterns, as they are a more modern style.

6. Choose accessories that reflect country living, such as antique garden tools, stoneware jugs and pottery, wicker baskets and hand-crafted goods such as wreaths and rag rugs. Do not overcrowd the porch with accessories; select a few items and place them beside furniture groupings and at the entryway.

7. Make the entryway to the porch a focal point and coordinate it with the front door entryway to your home. For example, place a tin milk jug at the porch entrance and one on either side of the front door. The repetition of accessories ties the two spaces together, making for a cohesive entry to the porch and to the home.

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