Thursday, March 12, 2009

Amish Furniture & Crafts

Amish crafts include many handpainted, decorative wooden items.

The Amish lifestyle is based on simplicity and basic needs while providing food, shelter and clothing for the family. To supplement their lifestyle, many Amish families farm and sell their homegrown food or handmade furniture and crafts. Today, many more Amish families are creating and selling various types of crafts and woodwork as a means of making money.


The Amish create numerous types of wooden furniture to sell to the public. Products include chairs, tables, beds, cribs, cabinets and desks. The difference between Amish furniture items and many mass-produced pieces of furniture is the quality of the product. Amish craftsmen take great pride in their work and use natural materials and long-lasting, strong cuts of wood. If you have a specific piece of furniture in mind, often the Amish woodworker will build furniture to order.


Many Amish women and girls learn to quilt at an early age. The designs and colors incorporated into many Amish quilts are creative and meticulously crafted. Because Amish women and girls have such extensive experience with quilting, these quilts are made to last.

Decorative Items

Baskets, candles, clocks, bird feeders, birdhouses, dolls and wrought-iron decor are just a few of the decorative and useful items made by the Amish. Every piece of genuine Amish decor is made by hand and hand-painted or stained. These items make ideal gifts or serve as distinctive decorations for your own home.

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