Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Places That Buy Scrap Iron

Find places that buy scrap iron.

After you've finished a construction project, cleaned up a work site or junked a vehicle, you might have scrap iron left over that you'd like to sell. Scrap yards and scrap metal recyclers buy scrap iron, which can then be used for new iron projects. By selling your scrap iron, you can reduce the amount of new ore that needs to be mined.

Iron Industries

Iron Industries buys scrap iron from around the world. The company will deliver 20-foot or 40-foot ocean containers to your facility or project site so you can export your scrap iron directly to them.

Recycler's Exchange

Recycler's Exchange lists facilities that buy scrap iron, categorized according to a variety of grades, such as sheet iron scrap, mixed cast iron scrap and flattened car bodies. Click on the "View Listings" link to see a list of facilities, their locations and what kinds of scrap iron they are interested in buying.

Northern Metal Recycling

Northern Metal Recycling serves the upper Midwest, with locations in Minnesota and North Dakota. Many of its sites allow the general public to drive through to drop off scrap iron and other metals. Before you go to a particular location, verify that it accepts your material.

Exporters SG

Exporters SG provides a scrap iron buying leads directory. It lists types of scrap iron that companies are looking to buy, such as used rail or pipes. Buying leads are categorized by country, target prices and quantities. You can click on links next to each lead for details and to send quotations.

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