Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tuscan Home Colors

Use earthy tones for a Tuscan-designed home.

Designing a home reminiscent of a sunny, breezy Mediterranean villa is achievable with the right colors. explains that Tuscan design is relaxed and casual, yet sophisticated. This Italian aesthetic relies on the earthy, subdued colors of the Tuscan landscape as the guiding force behind this classic, sensible home design. Does this Spark an idea?

Olive Green

From the juniper and olive trees growing outside to the pots of basil and rosemary growing on the window sill, olive green is a prominent color of Tuscan homes. If possible, add this color by placing an herb garden on the kitchen window sill or on the patio. Otherwise, fill large glass bottles with olive oil and place them on kitchen shelves. Use olive green in the bedroom or guest room with throw pillows, linens and plants.


Dusty tan colors are used not only on the outer walls of Tuscan homes but also in home furnishings. Paint the walls in a light tan color, and lay tile mosaics on the outside patio using small tan tiles. Choose a sandy tan color for carpeting if tiling is not an option indoors. Also, use dusty sandstone countertops for bathrooms, kitchen counters and fireplace mantels. Use tan-colored Venetian plaster for walls and murals throughout the home.


Brown, along with tan, should be a dominant color in a Tuscan home design. Choose deep chocolate-colored leather couches, dark rustic wooden beams for the ceiling, and rich wooden tables, cabinets and chairs. For all wall art, choose thick, brown wooden frames. Brown is also appropriate for terracotta flooring. Place large brown ceramic jugs on mantels and shelves for a true Italian feel.


Adorn your home with black wrought iron accessories. Use an ornate wrought-iron gate for fences in the front yard and the back yard. Display plants in a wrought iron plant holder in the garden area. Hang wrought iron candleholders, mirrors and picture frames in the household. Find wrought iron chandeliers to hang in the living room, bedrooms and even in the bathroom.

Accent Colors

Cherry tomato red, lavender and burnt orange are all appropriate accent colors for a Tuscan theme. Use these accent colors in wall art, dishware, blankets, towels and vases. A copper rack hanging above the breakfast bar is another way to use orange colors while adding Italian authenticity to the home.

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