Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mount A Wine Rack

Protect your favorite wines with a properly installed wine rack.

Wine racks are mounted on the wall or ceiling to hold wine on an angle to keep the cork from drying out. They need to be mounted correctly to prevent them from falling after adding bottles of wine to the rack. Although there are many different types and styles of wine racks, using the correct fasteners to attach them to the wall provides a safe, secure rack for wine storage and display. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Locate the studs in the general mounting area for the wine rack with a stud finder or hammer. If using a hammer, tap the wall gently and listen for a different sound as it changes from a hollow area between studs to a solid area where the studs are located. Tap a finishing nail in at horizontal locations to locate the edges of the stud. The finishing nail will slide easily in hollow areas and encounter resistance at the stud location. Mark both sides of the stud location with a pencil.

2. Hold the wine rack on the wall or ceiling with one set of mounting holes over the center of the stud. Adjust the position of the wine rack to meet your preferences. If the top or sides of the wine rack are straight, use a level to square it.

3. Mark the locations for mounting screws on the wall by pushing a pencil in each screw location. If the holes are too thin, push a small nail into the mounting locations and mark the wall with the tip of the nail. Remove the wine rack.

4. Install hollow wall anchors at each mounting screw location that is not over a stud. Position the pointed end of the wall anchor against the wall and screw it in or tap it into the wall depending on the type of hollow wall anchor chosen.

5. Place the wine rack back into position and align the mounting holes with the anchors and marks on the wall or ceiling. Insert the screws packaged with the hollow wall anchors into the mounting holes over anchors. Use coarse-threaded wood screws to attach the wine rack at locations where there is a stud. Appropriate-sized washers may be needed between the heads of the screws and the wine rack to prevent the screw heads from slipping through the mounting holes.

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