Wednesday, April 29, 2009

About Metal Vanity Tables

Modern vanity tables come in sleek metal designs with adjustable shelving and mirrors, making the vanity customizable to the needs of the user. Available in a wide range of colors (although black and white are most common), metal vanity tables fit with any decor and add an air of sophistication to dressing rooms and bedrooms. Does this Spark an idea?


Throughout history, vanity tables have reflected the lifestyle of the user and the craftsmanship of the era. Elaborate vanity tables with intricate detailing marked the Victorian era. Early American designs featured a heavy mahogany base with curved cabriole legs. Other designs featured a rich walnut base with claw feet.

During the 1900s, mission-oak bases with straight lines became popular. Hollywood vanities rose in popularity during the 1920s. These vanities, covered in veneer, came in variety of styles. Bird's-eye maple, oriental wood and zebra-wood designs gained popularity. The 1930s brought the appearance of waterfall furniture that featured rounded edges and large round mirrors. Art Moderne metal dressing tables, designed in wood grain that mimicked the look of wood, experienced brief popularity.

By the 1940s and 1950s, vanities made from hardwood featured a simpler design with the addition of a center drawer and smaller drawers down the side.


Modern metal vanities, available in a variety of styles, feature scrolled or ornate metal. Shelves may be glass supported by metal, like wrought iron, or simply an open metal shelf. Metal benches with ornamental features complement the design. Metal vanity tables appeal to the desire for sleek, easy-to-care-for designs that create an airy atmosphere while retaining a touch of elegance.


These distinctive tables reflect the busy lifestyle of modern women. Adjustable mirror mounts or shelving provide the user with the ability to customize the table to fit her needs. The clean, airy look provides a striking background for vintage bottles and containers displayed on shelves.


As a rule, metal vanity tables are lighter, easier to move and easier to care for than wooden vanities. Made from wrought iron, aluminum, pewter or painted metal, designs range from simple straight lines to elaborate scrolls. Benches with fabric cushions come in a variety of styles and colors to meet a wide variety of decorating needs.


Metal vanity tables are ideal for children's rooms, as they are durable, resist stains and scratches, and do not require the care that wood demands.

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