Monday, April 27, 2009

Paint Rusted Iron Porch Railings

Use a wire brush to remove the rust.

Unless they are galvanized, metallic surfaces will eventually rust when exposed to moisture. If left untreated, these surfaces will eventually corrode to the point of virtual decomposition. If your iron porch railings are rusted, you can enhance their appearance and preserve them against future damage by coating them with the appropriate type of paint. Before you begin, you must seal the rust with a special type of primer, or you will eventually see a recurrence of the problem.


1. Clean the rusted iron porch railing, using a pressure washer. Wait 1 to 3 hours for the porch railing to dry.

2. Place fabric drop cloths below the railing.

3. Put on gloves. Scrape off the rust, using a wire brush. Use 80-grit sandpaper to remove smaller bits of rust.

4. Coat the rusted iron porch railing with an iron oxide primer, using a mini roller. Use a paintbrush to apply primer to areas of the railing not accessible to the roller. Wait 2 hours for the primed porch railing to dry.

5. Wash your painting instruments with mineral spirits.

6. Coat the primed iron railing with an oil-based metal enamel using a mini roller and a paintbrush. Use a new, clean roller cover. Wait a minimum of 2 hours for the painted porch railing to dry. Check the label on your paint can for actual recommended drying time.

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