Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Handmade Iron Chandeliers

Handmade iron chandeliers are an international favorite.

In Germany stands historic Dagstuhl Castle, built during the 18th century. The prestigious coat-of-arms hall in the castle displays the crests of the castle's royal inhabitants. Lit by a heavy iron chandelier, the royal family's lighting choice illustrates the position of prestige enjoyed by handmade wrought-iron chandeliers from earliest times in Europe and other countries worldwide. Crafted in different countries, handmade iron chandeliers remain popular internationally, not only in royal circles, but in millions of everyday homes. Does this Spark an idea?

Made in the U.S.A.

Some of the finest iron chandeliers on the market are handcrafted in the United States. For example, individually handmade wrought-iron chandeliers at Steven Handelman Studios in Santa Barbara, California do not include any prefabricated parts. Customers select their choices of finish, glass, size and mounting configurations to create a customized, original product. Each premium finish is hand applied for the best possible effect. The company offers direct factory prices. An example is the Antigua Iron chandelier, 32 inches wide with a standard black finish and clear glass. The Alcazar 16-inch pendant chandelier is another option, among many others.

The Scottsdale Art Factory in Scottsdale, Arizona offers hand forged iron chandeliers signed by the artisans who created them. The company's artisans reproduce antique lighting designs utilizing the same methods and materials established during the history of each particular antique light. The Pot Rack design based on historical records, the Fleur de Lys chandelier and chandeliers representing the designs of 10th century France are among the spectacular handmade works of lighting art at Scottsdale Art Factory.

Made in Mexico

Wrought-iron lighting is synonymous with the heritage of Mexico. Based in Central Mexico, joint venture companies like Rustica House offer exclusive, custom-made products, including handmade wrought-iron chandeliers. Rustica House carries a wide selection of hand-forged, premium quality wrought-iron chandeliers with standard and custom dimensions, as well as lanterns and lamps. Some of the inspiration for product designs comes from the chandeliers and lamps of noble houses in South America and Europe.

Based in Tucson, Arizona, family-owned Antigua de Mexico offers hand-forged wrought-iron lighting fixtures made in Mexico. The company sells standard wrought-iron chandeliers as well as custom-made chandeliers handcrafted according to the customer's requirements. Antigua de Mexico welcomes visitors to call by appointment only at its extensive showroom in Tucson.

Made in Canada

The artistry of Oleg Shyshkin, architect, interior designer and artist, is synonymous with the forging of award-winning wrought-iron products created at Wrought Iron Art Ltd., in Ontario, Canada. From his homeland, the Ukraine, Shyshkin brought to his Canadian studio the artistic forging traditions and techniques of old Europe. These forging methods are the basis of the stunning array of hand-forged items created at Wrought Iron Art Ltd., including chandeliers.

Made in the United Kingdom

Traditional lighting remains a firm favorite in the United Kingdom. For example, Nigel Tyas Ironwork is a small, independent company whose hand-forged iron chandeliers reflect the company's commitment to traditional British metalworking skills. Nigel Tyas Ironwork offers handmade iron chandeliers, wall and pendant lights in classic designs and also provides handmade shades.

Tuscanor in North Devon offers classic, medieval, period and traditional handmade wrought-iron chandeliers among many other lighting options. Attention to detail ensures product designs that reflect various periods of history. Each lighting creation is hand-finished and extra long chains are available for properties with very high or vaulted ceilings.

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