Friday, April 24, 2009

Interior Parisian Design Ideas

The Eiffel Tower is an inspiration for Paris-themed decorating.

The iconic Eiffel Tower remains the unanimous symbol for Paris, the City of Lights. This eclectic and stylish city sets trends in the world of home design and decor. Parisian homes display elements of Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassical designs. Though you may not live near the Louvre, the Notre Dame Cathedral or the Champs-Elysees, incorporate the mood of Paris into your home by featuring elements of these styles. Does this Spark an idea?

Color Palette

Emerald green, peacock blue and deep red dominate Parisian decor. Accented by gold and black, the room appears colorful and artistic. A bright blue dining room wall paired with canary yellow curtains provides a French provincial feel. Crimson red curtains and gold accents contrast dramatically with black and white toile wallpaper in a Parisian living room.

Parisian Furniture

When choosing furniture for your Paris-inspired room, remember high style and comfort characterize Parisian decor. A bistro table and chairs set accented with brightly colored cushions brings the cafe atmosphere into your home. Furniture should look worn but not shabby. Distressed dark wood chairs and bureaus bring European flair to a dining room or den. Vanity tables are an absolute necessity for a Paris-style bedroom. Wrought iron, white wood and crackled-finish furniture work together to add the eclectic charm of Paris.

Parisian Accessories

Any Parisian room of your home must be outfitted with numerous accessories. Black picture frames and lampshades lend an authentic Paris feeling. An ornate gold mirror hung above the fireplace or adorning the walls creates interest for the eye. Black and white posters, photographs and paintings of the Eiffel Tower or the River Seine bring the sights of Paris into your room. Parisian accessories compete for attention, resulting in an eclectic masterpiece.

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