Thursday, April 23, 2009

Decorating Ideas For A Glass End Table

Many people love the clean, clear look of a glass end table.

A glass end table adds a stylish, modern touch to your home and provides a wealth of opportunities when decorating. Once you get your end table home, however, deciding what kind of decor will maximize the look of your glass-topped table to its full potential can be difficult. By exploring several decorating possibilities, you can determine which look works best for you. Does this Spark an idea?

Lighting Options

You can place an end table near a chair or at the end of a couch to support a table lamp to gain additional light for reading, sewing or knitting. Even though a glass end table looks delicate, it can easily support the weight of an ordinary lamp. Select a lamp with a cut-glass base in a shade that matches the glass of your tabletop. Alternatively, choose a lamp in a material that matches the frame and legs of your table, such as wood, chrome, wrought iron or brass.

Floral Options

Few things match the delicate beauty of floral blooms to form a contrast with the stark, shiny surface of a glass-top table. Choose a glass vase, and fill it with bold flowers like poppies, chrysanthemums, peonies or sunflowers that will reflect on the table's surface and create a burst of color. Alternatively, fill a window box made from distressed wood with simple flowers like petunias, pansies or daisies in colors that complement your decor, and place it in the center of the table or along the rear edge.

Reflective Options

The shiny surface of a glass end table lends itself perfectly as a host to other reflective items. Place a mirrored tile in the center of the table, and set a crystal figurine in the center of it to maximize the shine and glitz of your table. Alternatively, arrange a plethora of crystal gemstones in a variety of colors around a grouping of candles. The glow of the candlelight will reflect off the tabletop and the gems to create an ethereal glow.

Artistic Options

When you are artistically talented, the options for decorating a glass end table multiply exponentially. Create a pattern of flowers or a sunburst design with acrylic paints to decorate the top of your end table. Cover your design with a clear preservative to prevent damage to your work. If you'd rather work with mosaics to create an interesting border around the edge of your table, collect an array of pottery or glass shards in different colors, and glue them to the surface in a colorful arrangement.

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