Friday, April 10, 2009

Decorate In A Room With A Brick Fireplace

A fireplace provides a room with a beautiful focal point.

Homeowners who have a room with a fireplace are lucky on many levels. Not only does the room possess a natural focal point in the form of the fireplace, but the fireplace itself becomes part of the decor. Decorating this type of room set up offers a number of options to the homeowner. Depending upon the type of brick, the decorating style can be anything from rustic to ultra-modern. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Paint the wall and the fireplace brick if the brick is old and starting to look worn out, or if you just want to pull the look together with color. If you opt to paint, consider painting the fireplace and the wall that houses it one color, like mustard yellow, and the walls around it a different color; this adds more emphasis.

2. Place a large throw rug in the space in front of your fireplace. You can position your couch, a large coffee table, plus your chairs around the rug. It will serve to pull the eye to the room's focal point, the fireplace.

3. Hang artwork on the wall above the fireplace. A number of options exist for you from a large photographic print to an oil painting. Make sure that the art you select fits the theme of the room.

4. Enhance artwork with decorative candle wall sconces. For example, if you've chosen some cast-iron decorating accessories for the rest of the room, look for cast-iron wall sconces to hang beside your artwork above the mantel. This pulls the room together visually.

5. Decorate the sides of the fireplace with floral arrangements. You can try a dried flower arrangement filled with tall grasses and seed pods, or something more elaborate like a rose topiary. Make sure that the arrangements are placed far away from the front of the fireplace to avoid fire hazard.

6. Select an appropriate lamp for either the fireplace's mantel. You can go with one lamp in the middle of the mantel or opt for two, one on each end. You'll place decorative accessories like family pictures around the lamps.

7. Look for a decorative fireplace screen and matching room divider. For example, if you've chosen a forest-themed fireplace screen, look for a standing divider screen with a similar motif.

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