Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Attach A Picket Fence To A Tree

Attach picket fencing to trees without damaging the trunk

Setting the final post in a picket fence near a tree can be a challenge, especially if the tree is mature and has side roots close to or above the soil line. Rather than dig a hole for the post and risk damaging the roots and killing the tree, attach the picket fence to the trunk. With a few tools and a few minutes, you can create an attachment that won't damage the bark of the trunk and will keep your picket fence sturdy and well-supported. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Measure the circumference of the tree in inches. Multiply this number by two and add 24 inches. This will allow you to wrap each piece of wire twice around the trunk and have enough left to wrap several times around the picket.

2. Cut three pieces of insulated, 12-gauge wire to the length you've calculated with wire cutters. The insulation on the wire will keep the metal inside from cutting the bark and girdling the tree.

3. Slip the first piece of wire through the picket at the base of the fence. Twist the end into a tight loop around the picket. Wrap it around and through several times. Take the other end of the wire and wrap it twice around the base of the tree trunk. Secure it tightly by wrapping the end over and under several times and securing it with a knot. Repeat this process two more times, once at the middle of the picket and once more a few inches from the top.

4. Loosen the wire by an inch or so every two years to accommodate the growth of the tree trunk. After five to six years, you may have to remove the wire, take off one picket and rewire to prevent damage to the tree.

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