Friday, December 6, 2013

What Types Of Furniture Go With Leather Sofas

This is a classic example of a contemporary leather sofa.

A leather sofa is a sound investment for you home: It's durable, it ages gracefully and it goes well with other types of furniture. However, the exact style and material of furniture that you choose to go with the leather sofa depends on what type of leather sofa you have. Like all furniture, leather sofas come in a range of styles that should influence your choices of surrounding furniture. Does this Spark an idea?

Rustic Leather Sofas

Rustic leather sofas are plush, very comfortable pieces of furniture with a deliberately worn look. These sofas have intentionally faded spots of leather to make the couch look particularly old. These sofas are common in country homes, log cabins or any environment that has or wishes to have a more rustic atmosphere. They go with a range of furniture: Pair them with any shade of wood furniture or any type of wrought-iron furniture. Antique pieces look especially good with rustic leather sofas. Wicker chairs and tables also complement this type of couch well. Avoid furniture that is too sleek, modern or minimalist with this type of couch as it will look mismatched.

Contemporary Leather Sofas

Contemporary leather sofas are very common. This style of sofa is most suitable for people who want to surround it with simple, contemporary furniture of the late 20th century and early 21st century. These sofas pair best with contemporary wrought iron or wood pieces or upholstered pieces of a contemporary design. It's possible to pair a contemporary leather sofa with antique or modern furniture, but be careful: The antique pieces shouldn't be overbearing. Select simple antiques, such as colonial or federalist style furniture. Modern pieces look best with this type of sofa when they aren't overwhelmingly modern but just have the clean, simple lines and minimalist style of modern furniture.

Modern Leather Sofas

Modern leather sofas characteristically have extremely sleek, simple lines, minimalist features, often adorned with chrome or steel accents. If you desire a modern and minimalist appearance in your home, pair this leather couch with ultramodern furniture such as transparent glass pieces, chrome or steel pieces or bright plastic pieces. However, types of furniture other than extreme modern styles will look good only if you use a variety of other styles to create an eclectic look. Choose boldly and fill the room with a variety of vintage, classic, antique and contemporary pieces so that each decorative style balances evenly against the modern leather sofa.

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