Monday, December 16, 2013

Replace An Interior Metal Rail

Replace an outdated indoor metal iron railing.

While a metal railing on an interior wood stairway is visually striking, you may need to replace the rails if it is old, deteriorated, aged or rusted, both for safety and aesthetic reasons. Unlike wooden railings, metal railings have brackets along the lower end of each post that allow them to be mounted easily to the flat surfaces of indoor stairs. Ensure you use the correct fasteners to anchor the wrought-iron railing to the stairway. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Inspect the base of the indoor metal rail for the the locations of lag bolts that attach it to the wooden stairs. Loosen and remove these bolts using a socket wrench. If the bolts are rusted or offer resistance during their removal, lubricate them lightly with an oil spray before attempting to remove them.

2. Loosen and remove the screws in the mounting brackets that secure the rail to the interior wall. Carefully lift the metal railing from the brackets and set it aside. Assign a helper or two to lift a large railing that may be heavy.

3. Set the replacement rail on the interior stairs, 2 to 3 inches inward from the edges. Align the railing so it falls over the previous holes, if possible, so they are covered. However, ensure the railing's mounting holes fall over the solid surface of the stairs.

4. Insert the tip of a colored marker through the mounting holes along the lower ends of the replacement railing to transfer their locations on the stairs. Do this all along the railing, and then set it aside. Bore a pilot hole through each marked location to the depth specified by the mounting fastener's manufacturer using a drill and 1/8-inch drill bit..

5. Place the replacement railing back over the stairs. Align its mounting holes with the pilot holes in the stairs. Drive a 3/16-inch lag bolt through each hole to secure the railing to the wood stairway.

6. Tighten each lag bolt with a socket wrench.

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