Friday, December 20, 2013

Color Suggestions For Metal Lawn & Outdoor Furniture

When looking to buy metal lawn and outdoor furniture, there are a few things to take into consideration before you make your decision. Your color choice can say a lot about your tastes, can showcase your backyard and can be a nice complement to your house. To find your own style and express it in the color, let's look at some suggestions based on the style of furniture you want. Does this Spark an idea?

Wicker Outdoor Furniture

If you want something simple that will blend in with the nature of your yard and entice people to sit and relax, then wicker outdoor furniture is a good choice. Wicker is great in open spaces and in hidden spots around your garden. Wicker outdoor furniture comes with tables, chairs, rocking chairs foot rests and more. A good suggestion for wicker furniture is to choose a color that will blend in with your backyard. Any color found in nature, such as shades of brown or greens, will blend in with your backyard rather than taking the attention away from it.

Metal Outdoor Furniture

There is a lot of outdoor lawn furniture sold today that is constructed out of metal either in the form of wrought iron or aluminum. Wrought-iron furniture tends to be more elegant and creates a type of luxurious mood. Often, wrought-iron outdoor furniture incorporates cushions for chairs and tiles or glass for tables. You can get many pieces of wrought-iron furniture such as dining tables, chairs, gliders, foot rests, side tables, umbrellas and more. When choosing this more elegant type of outdoor furniture, you want to think about your yard, your house and the mood you are trying to create. For this type of furniture you want it to be noticed and admired. Some good color choices for this metal outdoor furniture would be a combination of dark brown and tans, black and grays, white and reds, or green and tans.

Aluminum outdoor furniture is great to place randomly throughout your garden or in your yard. This can include pieces like gliders, chairs and little tables. This furniture, like wicker furniture, should not draw attention, but rather blend in. Try to keep aluminum furniture in dark and neutral colors. Dark green and black are good color choices.

Wooden Outdoor Furniture

For a rustic setting, select solid wood pieces for your outdoor furniture. Pine and cedar are great selections of color as they will stand out and create the perfect mood for an outdoor gathering. Sometimes wooden chairs will come with cushions. Select fabric for these that are striped, or flowered with little bursts of color to add more of that homey rustic feel.

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