Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Outside Weddings In The Country

Incorporate your natural surroundings in a country wedding.

Having an outside wedding in the country offers a charming setting for a romantic event. Whether you are among open grassy fields, large shade trees or having the ceremony and reception at a vineyard, a country wedding allows you to incorporate nature's elements into your decor.


When planning an outdoor wedding you must first decide whether you want to have any coverage overhead, such as tents, or if you would rather be under the open sky. A tent serves as an effective backup plan in case of inclement weather, and can also protect your food from spoiling if left directly in the sun's exposure. Tents come in a variety of styles, and can range from formal to casual to rustic, depending on your preference.

Seating Arrangements

Picnic tables might be more appealing in a country setting than the standard round tables of eight. Other seating options include wrought iron patio tables and chairs for small groups, or several rectangular tables placed together in a "U" shape for a family style set-up. For an outdoor wedding, don't worry about all of your furniture matching identically. You can create a rustic feel if you mix and match the chairs and tables.


Take lighting into consideration when planning your outdoor wedding in the country. With an outdoor wedding, you'll need to find a source of illumination, especially if the wedding or reception are held during evening hours. Real or battery-operated, flameless candles are an option, if you set up enough of them. String paper lanterns overhead and connect them to the nearest outlet. Twinkle lights are effective for making an area glow. For a vintage look, hang mason jars with tea lights in them from the tree branches.

Food and Cake

Let your environment inspire you when it comes to food and cake. If you are having a wedding in a country vineyard, you might serve bread, domestic or international cheeses and grapes as your appetizers, then offer pasta or meat entrees and top it all off with a wedding cake draped in green and purple grapes instead of flowers. A wedding outside of a barn might inspire you to offer grilled foods, like steak, barbeque chicken, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes and other homey favorites. You can even serve a variety of pies instead of traditional wedding cake. Make sure you have plenty of refreshing beverages, especially if it is hot outside. Lemonade, iced teas, flavored sodas and punch make appropriate drinks for outdoor country weddings.


Portable dance floors can be rented for outdoor locations. You might be able to hire a disc jockey to play music at your wedding, but for outdoor events it may be more conducive to hire a live musician, such as a country band, harpist or fiddler.


Use the elements around you as decorations. The trees you are sitting beneath, for instance, serve as decor and you can embellish them by hanging things from the branches. Rather than spending money on a professional florist to decorate your event, fill old glass jars with wildflowers to use as centerpieces. Bowls of grapes at a vineyard wedding can serve as both a table centerpiece and reception appetizer.

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