Thursday, December 12, 2013

Metal Gate Materials

Wrought iron is the most traditional metal gate material.

Wooden picket fences may be quaint and homey, but metal gates speak of strength and sophistication. Gates can be manufactured from a variety of metals, ranging from wrought iron that comes straight from the blacksmith's forge to high-tech aluminum designed to be lightweight and resistant to corrosion. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Does this Spark an idea?


Iron is one of the strongest and most durable materials used to construct gates and fences. Traditional gates are made from wrought iron, which is forged and hammered by a craftsman into its final form, while contemporary mass-produced gates are often made from cast iron molded into shape. Cast iron is typically less expensive than wrought iron, but the finish and design of wrought-iron gates is generally more refined and attractive than that of cast iron.


Aluminum gates are lighter in weight than iron or steel gates, and aluminum will not rust like iron and steel will, making it an appealing alternative to heavier metals. Aluminum is generally more prone to damage than iron or steel, but some manufacturers' gates intended for use in situations where they may be subjected to impacts, such as in driveways, are made from higher grades of aluminum with yield strengths superior to some types of steel.


Steel is durable and more resistant to impact damage than the lower grades of aluminum used in the manufacture of many lightweight gates and fences. Steel is heavier than aluminum, however, and shipping, installation and mounting of steel gates can be more difficult as a result. Steel is also vulnerable to damage from rust. To resist the development of rust, steel gates may be painted, galvanized or finished with a layer of synthetic powder coat.

Antique Gates

Many homeowners opt to install antique gates instead of modern mass-produced gates. Antique gates are typically made from wrought iron and often offer craftsmanship and detailing superior to that of contemporary gates. The weathered patina of antique gates also can make a garden or yard seem well established and comfortable. Antique gates may be found at salvage yards, architectural-restoration firms and antique shops.

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