Monday, December 2, 2013

Decorate With Wall Hooks

Decorating with wall hooks adds function and beauty to your décor. Wall hooks come in several styles and many sizes and can make your décor more interesting. Since wall hooks are made from a wide variety of materials you can easily find hooks that will accent an existing décor or help you accessorize a new décor. Wall hooks can stand alone or help display decorative items or plants. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Decide on location. Determine where you want to use wall hooks. Popular locations include powder rooms, bathrooms, foyers, bedrooms and areas near doorways, but you are not limited to these choices. Also try wall hooks in a family room, laundry room or kitchen.

2. Determine the purpose. Decide whether your wall hook will be purely decorative or whether it will be used for hanging keys, hats or other essentials. It may be also display decorative items. If you intend to use the wall hook, determine who will be using it and what it needs to support.

3. Test for studs to ensure that you do not purchase any hooks that you are unable to install because existing studs are supporting the drywall. You can use a hammer by gently tapping it on the wall to listen for changing sounds indicating there is a stud or you can use an electronic or magnetic stud finder which use a sensor to alert you to the location of studs. Lightly pencil the areas you cannot install a hook.

4. Measure the wall space to determine the size of the wall hooks you want and how many you want. You can choose individual wall hooks or a rack that has multiple hooks on it.

5. Photographing the area's surrounding décor and wall area will make it easier for a salesperson to assist you with your purchase.

6. Shop for wall hooks. Consider the material of the wall hook, the size, the use, the configuration of the hook, your wall space and your existing décor when selecting hooks. Wrought iron hooks are popular and can be found in stores as well as online. The dark contrast of some hooks enhances a pale wall color. Hooks in brass, porcelain, wood and other materials are also available. Some hooks are themed or shaped like objects or animals.

7. Position the hook. Ask a friend or family member to hold up the hook before you install it so you can make sure it is the appropriate level. If it is going to be used regularly, you will want to make sure that the intended user can reach it. If the hook is going to support a decorative item such as a picture or plate, you will want it placed so that the item it supports is at eye level. Look at the hook and make sure it is in the appropriate place and have the person holding it mark where it should be installed.

8. Read the directions and install the hook. Hooks often come with the necessary hardware needed for installation. You will also need a screwdriver or hammer, depending on the hook's hardware.

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