Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Yard Decorations That Hang

Hang a collection of hand-painted bird houses thoughout the yard.

Hanging yard decorations can be used to enhance the space at any time of the year. Change your hanging yard decor with the seasons to renew the space. Colorful decorations can serve as a focal point in the yard or add ambiance to outdoor seating areas. Hang small decorations in groupings and large works of outdoor art where they will draw the eye and be noticed. Does this Spark an idea?


Hang candle lanterns from trees or shepherd's hooks.

Search for unusual hanging candle lanterns at home and garden supply stores or from online vendors. Select several types to hang in a group from a tree or shepherd's hook, also available in garden supply stores. Make certain any candles are enclosed within the lantern so that the flame cannot ignite nearby foliage. Lightweight battery-operated lanterns can be used in place of those that depend on candles for light.

Strings of Lights

Flamingo light covers can be found on summer-themed string lights.

Strings of ornamental lights are available in a variety of themes from home and garden stores, gift stores, casual furniture stores or online retailers. Lights can be hung from tree branches, dining canopies, umbrellas or along a walkway on foot-tall wrought iron hooks. Choose a theme that matches the season. Tropical or beach-themed lights are readily available in the summer months. Red, white and blue lights are prevalent for patriotic holidays and Halloween lights can be found in the fall.

Another light string option features large round globes that are suspended from the light string. These lights are available with white or colored globes suitable for multi-season use.

Works of Art

Hang windchimes or unusual works of hanging art in your yard.

Search local garden stores for unusual pieces of art made to hang from trees or shepherd's hooks in your yard. Spiral metal sculptures that turn in the wind or brightly colored glass orbs hung in small groupings to reflect sunlight are good choices. Another option includes wind chimes that provide soothing tones throughout the yard whenever they are caught by a breeze. Wind chimes are available in a wide variety of materials, so choose a style that suites your taste.

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