Monday, December 2, 2013

Whimsical Ideas For Window Flowerpots

Window flowerpots add a stylish touch to an apartment or condo unit window.

Window flowerpots are a classic option for displaying flowers outside your home. In circumstances where landscaping costs are too expensive or if you are living in a multifamily property such as a condo unit, you can accentuate your home with an array of your favorite flowers. Choose whimsical pot styles that distinguish your home from other units in your building or houses on your block. Add rocks at the bottom of containers that do not have drainage capabilities so that your plants can breathe adequately. Does this Spark an idea?

Recycled Cans

Create a beautiful display of aluminum-canned flowers outside your window. Take large empty cans and remove the labels using an adhesive remover. Drill a tiny hole in the bottom of your can so that water does not remain in the bottom of your can causing it to rust. Fill the bottom of the can with rocks, and pot your flowers. Use colors like hot pink, orange and yellow as a dynamic contrast to your aluminum flower pot. Use stencil stamps to add painted designs to the outside of your flowerpot.

Puzzled Flower Box

Use a small box covered in puzzle pieces for a fun flowerpot design. Instead of ruining one of your own puzzle sets, visit a secondhand store or neighborhood garage sale for old puzzles to complete your design. Measure the sides of a flower box and assemble puzzle piece squares to fit each side. Use hot glue to affix each piece together and glue each side together so that the puzzle sides form a cube around your box.

Alphabet Pots

Clear Lucite containers make contemporary-style flowerpots for your window. However, you can add an unusual, yet creative touch to your pots using foam alphabet letters that spell out the word "flower." Purchase six tall Lucite containers large enough for a single-stem tulip and an alphabet letter. Wet the front of the foam alphabet letter and press it against the side of the container. Fill the space around the letter with soil, adding your single-stem tulip to the center of the container. Line the flower arrangement in order in a wrought-iron flower box for your window.

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