Thursday, December 26, 2013

Prevent Bubbles In Furniture Refinishing

Refinishing wooden furniture can be a rewarding project to save the time and trouble of replacing the pieces in your home. Few things can be as frustrating, however, as completing your project only to find unsightly bubbles marring your newly finished furniture. According to woodworker Marc Spagnuolo, owner of Wood Whisperer Inc. in Phoenix, Arizona, a large number of things can cause bubbles, from the grain of the wood to painting techniques. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Stir your finishing product gently with a paint stirring before application. Do not shake the can, as this kind of strong agitation creates bubbles in the can.

2. Soak your paintbrush in the finishing product for at least 30 seconds before applying. This will allow finisher to soak completely into the bristles, eliminating air pockets between bristles that can lead to later bubbling.

3. Press the paintbrush bristles gently against the side of the finishing can to remove excess finish. Do not bang the paintbrush to remove this excess, as the jarring motion will allow air to seep back into the bristles.

4. Apply the finish to the furniture in smooth, even strokes, without too much agitation in the painting process. The more agitation the brush undergoes, the better the chance of bubbling.

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