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Kitchen Decorating Ideas For Yellow Walls

Kitchen Decorating Ideas for Yellow Walls

Yellow is a bright and uplifting color with many different tones. Dandelions, corn, butter, beach sand or honey all have very different hues and yet are all shades of yellow. Vincent van Gogh jumped on the bandwagon in the late 1800s with his famous "Two Sunflowers" and "The Yellow House" paintings, utilizing many different shades of yellow. Home and garden diva Martha Stewart welcomes yellow rooms, but cautions that care must be taken with accessories as "yellow's hot or cool…depending on its neighbors." Does this Spark an idea?

Country Cottage

Nothing says country cottage like blue and yellow together. Hang an assortment of traditional blue and white Wedgwood plates on a subdued yellow wall to give the room an authentic country cottage feel. Use a blue and white gingham tablecloth on the kitchen table topped with a milk pitcher filled with white gerbera daisies to complete the look.


Black and yellow may remind you of bumblebees, but add some deep reds and golds into the mix for a sophisticated and polished look. Decorate the walls with large paintings or photographs based on deep red and subdued yellow or gold. Frame them in thick but simple black wooden frames. Be generous with black furniture and wrought iron accents, stainless steel appliances and crystal or glass.


Keep it neutral in a kitchen with yellow walls and white or cream cabinets. Use different shades of yellow, cream and white for furniture, appliances and window treatments. Adorn the walls with decorative white shelves topped with an assortment of white and yellow pottery. Use natural elements like a bowl of apples, lemons or oranges for a focal point.


Subdued shades of yellow mixed with deep gold hues lend a warm and yet polished feel to a kitchen. Hang copper pots from a ceiling rack to set off the yellow. Decorate the walls with mirrors or prints in gold-colored frames or brass trivets.


Play dark woods and turquoise accents off of bright, lemon-yellow walls. Bring the room to life with a dark-stained wooden table accented with turquoise-painted wooden chairs. For the daring, use purple accents instead of turquoise. A large grapevine wreath highlighted with sprigs of lilac or lavender will pop when guests walk into the kitchen. Violet and purple sit opposite yellow on the color wheel. Colors that sit near each other on the color wheel complement each other, while those on opposite sides contrast, making bold statements.

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