Thursday, December 9, 2010

Decor For The Top Of Kitchen Cabinets With Words & Greenery

Decor for the Top of Kitchen Cabinets With Words & Greenery

Many kitchens have open space above the cabinets that provide space to be creative and add to the kitchen decor. Use that space to make a statement, send a message or simply accentuate the theme or style of the kitchen. Group similar items together to display a variety of things or fill the space with similar items for a seamless look. Does this Spark an idea?


Use plaques, pictures, neon signs or words made of wood, wrought iron or any other material to create words or sayings that you wish to include in your kitchen. Keep the message simple and tie it into the rest of the kitchen decor. For example, "Le Bon Appetite" would work in a European theme or elegant gourmet kitchen. Use sayings that could work with almost any theme if you change your kitchen decor frequently, such as "Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much." Place the plaques or blocks in front of larger items--such as tall candles or pottery--if there is a lot of open space. Use wooden blocks under the plaques or words if the cabinets have a recessed top so they can be seen clearly from anyone standing in the room.


Artificial plants are typically better suited to the tops of kitchen cabinets because watering them would be a pain and most cabinet tops don't get any sunlight. Use a variety of different plant types with different hues, textures, shapes and heights. Word blocks can be placed in front of the plants so they stand out more. Another option is using vine greenery such as ivy. Weave the ivy around word blocks or other decorative items to add greenery while keeping the focus on the words or other items. Ivy, or a similar type of greenery, can also add depth and interest as it can spill out from the sides of the cabinet.

Using the Wall

The wall space above the cabinets, particularly long vertical space, can be used to display the words or phrases you want, or paint a mural to include greenery. Plaques can be hung for a three dimensional affect or words can be painted on. Another option is rub-on letters that appear to be painted directly onto the wall. Paint is fairly easy to change if you decide you don't like the results and can make your words or phrases stand out. For example, use a bright or bold color on the wall space above the cabinet, then add green plants or ivy and finish with wrought iron or wooden words in front of the greenery. Use the kitchen theme or color scheme to choose which colors to use above the cabinets.

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