Thursday, December 2, 2010

What Are The Right Sizes For Lamps For A Sectional Couch

Decorative shades help equalize the size of the sectional.

It is important to choose the right size lamps for a sectional couch since many will look diminutive next to this large furnishing. Sectional couches are often the main decor in a family or living room. They often seat five or six people, and many homeowners use it as the only seating in a small room. Choosing lamps that make a bold statement is vital to balance the proportions of this large sofa. Does this Spark an idea?

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps provide the necessary height to even out the proportion of the sectional. The height prevents these lamps from seeming to disappear due to the size of the couch. If you need only one floor lamp, balance the look by adding a ficus tree or other tall potted plant at the other end of the sofa. Floor lamps come in a wide variety of styles, from those with Victorian lamp shades to contemporary works of art. Some even come with a table attached. Torchiere lamps complement sectionals well since they are often more flamboyant than a standard floor lamp. Generally, they are about 6 feet tall.

Lamps with Larger Shades

If your heart is set on a lamp with a narrow, nondescript base, choose one with a large lamp shade This helps create a statement at either end of the sectional. Choose shades in one of the accent colors in the room but not ones that match the wall paint. This type seems to vanish into the background, thus losing its aesthetic appeal. Don't purchase a shade that extends beyond the edges of the table it sits on for the most attractive look. Beads, tassels, fringe or other embellishments on the shade help add decorative appeal to the space.

Lamps with Bulk

Lamps with ginger jar or round bases are a wise choice for a sectional sofa. These shapes add visual weight to the end tables that balance the heavy proportions of the sectional. Choose opaque bases rather than ones made of clear glass. If you enjoy the look of a shiny, glass lamp base, choose one with tinted glass or with designs painted on the glass for the best effect.

Lamps with Decorative Bases

Some lamps are supported by decorative features that resemble porcelain figurines, such as a cherub, elephant or even a monkey. Others have intricately woven designs, such as a wrought iron base or other types of metal that twist and swirl in a creative design. These are excellent choices to draw attention away from the expanse of the sectional. They frame the couch with lighting that also has the look of wall art or other home decor.

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