Friday, December 24, 2010

Design A Unique Fence

Wrought Iron Headboard

You can design a unique fence for your vegetable garden or your property line with metal headboards made from brass or wrought iron, painted to match or left as is. Create a sleek and shiny black fence as a backdrop for a brightly colored flower garden or leave the mismatched headboards in various stages of rusted or paint-flaked metal. Design a unique headboard fence that appeals to your sense of style and whimsy. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Find used brass or iron headboards at local thrift stores, yard sales and architectural salvage yards. The headboards may range from twin size to king size, whatever you can find that appeals to you and the height and width you're looking for. You can mix the metals and styles of the headboards together from those with posters to simple arches or cross bars to create a unique fence surrounding your garden or delineating a property line.

2. Spray paint all of the headboards to match; black works for an artsy and inexpensive wrought-iron-style fence, or you could paint it white for a twist on a picket fence. Blend the shades of your headboard to match the greenery and flowers planted nearby for a distinctively colorful fence line. Paint the wire to match your fence.

3. Design the alignment of the headboards according to height; two tall headboards flanking a shorter one or vice-versa. Once you have the fence in place, mark and dig 6-inch to 8-inch holes for the posts. Mix and pour a small amount of quick-dry concrete in the holes and stand the headboards on the mixture; make sure the posts are straight and level. Fill the holes with concrete.

4. Join the headboards together on the sides with 18-gauge wire close to the top and center of the shortest headboard. This step is only necessary if you're using tall headboards that may tend to sway; in which case joining the headboards together will anchor the fence line. You can also elect to wire each piece together for aesthetic reasons.

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