Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gothic Bedroom Makeover Ideas For Tween Girls

Make Gothic architecture crafts with your daughter to hang in her room.

A Gothic-style room for your tween daughter does not mean it must be gloomy with skulls and vampires. Gothic bedroom themes can reflect art, architecture and furniture from the years 1150 to 1500, or from the Gothic resurgence during the 1800s. Color, design and furnishings can transform your tween's living quarters; her imagination will soar as she dreams of medieval times. Even adding some simple accessories provides Gothic flair without draining your wallet. Does this Spark an idea?

Walls and Windows

Red and black are key colors in a Gothic-style room, but use these shades in moderation. An idea from Mod the Sims shows walls painted with a violet or pale pink background accented with black polka dots of varying shapes. Purple, blue, burgundy and green shades are other options to use in combination with black on walls. Keep the room bright by painting your tween girl's bedroom walls off-white or tan and positioning black sheer voile curtains above the window. Integrate red through furnishings. Here Be Dreams recommends using gray paint or wallpaper on walls to simulate traditional Gothic stonework or the interior of castle walls. Paint arches characteristic of Gothic cathedrals on one main wall. Talk to your daughter about her favorite colors and designs, and integrate them accordingly.


Gothic rooms frequently feature furniture made of dark wood, wrought iron or stone. A four-poster bed with a red bedspread and red pillows with gold tassels is one idea. Perhaps your daughter would prefer an all black or silver bedspread. If she does homework in her room, add an imitation Victorian-style desk with a matching high-back wooden chair detailed with tracery piercings of fleur-de-lis or stained glass window designs. Find a wooden armoire with steeple-style carvings for your tween daughter's outfits and a wooden chest with brocade engravings for her to store her most special belongings.


If you do not want to overhaul your daughter's bedroom, use accessories to add a Gothic ambience. Accent the room with wrought iron candleholders and burgundy or red taper candles. Instruct your tween to light the candles with parental supervision. Purchase stained glass ornaments to hang in the window or make your own; you and your daughter can cut out designs in black construction paper and paste various colors of tissue paper to cover the openings. You can also make wall hangings together. Draw enchanted trees, gargoyles or castle-style windows. Frame pieces of fabric, Gothic crosses or flowers in gold, black or silver frames. Ask her if she wants to integrate posters of her favorite Gothic characters, such as those from "Twilight," or Gothic angels. Finally, every tween girl wants a mirror for her room. Look for an antique, wooden standing mirror or a black-framed wall mirror.

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