Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wrought Iron Forming Tools

Wrought iron is both visually appealing and durable.

Wrought iron is a strong, flexible and aesthetically-pleasing metal alloy used to create fences, gates, patio furniture and other artistic home decor. Wrought iron is especially prized for its rust-proof properties and the intricate, decorative designs, curlicues and scrollwork a skilled worker can produce with the appropriate forming tools. Both professional and hobbyist blacksmiths or iron workers use a variety of bending and forming tools to create functional works of art. Does this Spark an idea?

Benchtop Bending Systems and Wrought Iron Jig Sets

Benchtop bending systems are designed to affix to work tables for home metalworking shops. Benchtop bending systems fold, bend and twist wrought iron into decorative shapes like curves, scrolls, spirals and angles. Bending systems are typically sold with wrought iron jig sets, including scroll jigs, curved jigs and cranking jigs, for making railings, gates and ornaments.

Scrollers, Benders and Rollers

Bench-mounted scrollers, benders and rollers are alternative tools that replace jig sets. These tools feature a spring-loaded mechanism that easily forms uniform, precisely-sized curves, angles, scrolls and other decorative shapes from both flat and bar-shaped metal. Combination machines perform all of these functions, including making clean cuts. Parts are made of cast iron and make it possible to shape metal without heat.

Punch and Shear Tools

Metalworking punch and shear tools are used to punch holes in metal for bolts, screws, nuts and rivets. An adjustable platform with a slotted punch block holds the metal firmly in position for creating holes and placing rivets. The guillotine function is designed to efficiently and safely shear through both flat, solid square and solid round metal bars using a lever system. Many models feature replaceable parts lists so that the whole tool doesn't need to be replaced if the punch block, pins or cutting edge wear out.

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