Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Styles Of Garden Gates

Styles of Garden Gates

Garden gates come in a variety of styles. Adding a garden gate to a yard or to create an enclosure is not only functional to keep out pests and critters that want to get to your garden, but also adds beauty and uniqueness to the area as well. The types of garden gates available are ornamental, wooden and Japanese. Does this Spark an idea?

Ornamental Garden Gates

Ornamental garden gates can be made of wrought iron, brass, steel or aluminum. These gates can be painted or left natural. Also, the wrought iron gates are rust-resistant. Ornamental garden gates come in a variety of shapes and designs, from scrolling designs to crisscross patterns. They can also be solid with design patterns engraved into them.

Wrought Iron and Steel Garden Gates

Wrought iron and steel garden gates are heavy and durable. They are also ready to hang and the installation is very simple. Wrought iron and steel garden gates can be customized as well, with spikes on the top, for example, or adorned with letters, words or pictures. They can also be found with extremely detailed and ornate features throughout the gate.

Brass and Aluminum Garden Gates

Brass and aluminum gates are durable and rust-resistant and last longer than cast iron; however, they are not as strong as their wrought iron and steel cousins. They are a lightweight material that is easy to install and work with. Brass and aluminum garden gates can be made with ornamentation throughout, such as flowers, scrolls and designs and patterns. Aluminum and brass garden gates often come with a rounded or squared top, but occasionally spikes and spheres make an appearance. These gates come in natural aluminum and a brass color; however, they can also be a deep red, brown or black.

Wooden Garden Gates

Wooden garden gates are a solid or patterned wood. A solid wood garden gate is a single sheet of wood; however, it can still have scalloped or decorative edging, as well as decorative engraving added to the panel. A patterned, or lattice, garden gate will have wood slats going vertically, horizontally, diagonally or a combination of two or three of these orientations. Open shapes between the slats vary depending on how far apart the wood is spaced. Wooden garden gates can be left its natural color or painted and sealed as desired. There is also the option with wood to have a solid panel of wood, with wrought iron or steel ornamentation around the edges or decorative hinges.

Japanese Garden Gates

Japanese garden gates can be made of wood or bamboo. Bamboo especially is a very strong material that is durable and lightweight. There is a large variety of styles and shapes in this category. They are usually constructed of individual planks of wood, and there can also be a narrow roof added to the gate. Keeping the wood natural in color is common; however, a Japanese garden gate can be painted red or black and still convey a Japanese theme and feeling.

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