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Italian Home Decorating

Italian Home Decorating

Italian decorating is about embracing the feel of Italy and the beauty of its architecture and landscape. Old World ambiance casts a glow throughout Italian home decorating. Textured walls, murals picturing nearby surroundings, antiques holding Old World treasures---these give the Italian home style and elegance. Incorporating statuary, tile and still life paintings completes the look and adds character. Does this Spark an idea?


Some of the elements of Italian home decorating include natural items that evoke hearth and warmth. Stone fireplaces and walls embark an earthy element that is found in many Italian homes. The stone is also a good backdrop for baskets and copper cookware. Brick walls and floors create Old World style in kitchens and entryways. Marble and slate counter tops provide a natural setting for cooking and preparing food. Clay elements such as crocks and planters provide great holders for plants and wooden utensils. Deep copper farmhouse sinks add a patina to the kitchen area that blends nicely with a back splash of Italian tiles in bright blues, reds and yellows.


Stucco, plaster and molding can be painted in colors that are reminiscent of Italian home decorating. Many bedrooms are painted in muted oranges and greens---offering a relaxing hue. Living rooms and formal rooms are often painted in deep mustard yellow, burnt oranges and hunter greens, creating a rich and distinguished look. Many rooms combine color with the natural elements, such as a stone and brick fireplace with a painted burnt orange surrounding. Many formal entryways have painted murals that are intricate in design. Columns often trim out the mural, offering contrast and definition.


The kitchen is a great place for showcasing Italian decor. Large open spaces with ceramic tile, brick or stone flooring keep the room warm and inviting. A workspace, whether it be a wood or marble top make it so food can be prepared and served to friends and family. Antique Italian dishes and cookware put on display near stoves and on counter tops add to the decor and also prove useful. Hand-hammered copper pots, soup tourines and sauce pans can be displayed on stoves or hung from cast iron pan racks. Wine racks holding vintage wines can be showcased up against brick walks, creating the look of an authentic wine cellar---adding tasting glasses allows guests to sample the wines.

Living Room

Most Italian homes have formal living rooms. The living rooms remain elegant and practical at the same time. Incorporating rich, heavy fabrics with golden tassels can accent tall villa windows. Italian paintings or reproductions of lovers on a romantic picnic or a still life of roses, accents any living room wall beautifully. Many times wall hangings are accented with silk ribbons---adding substance and femininity. Crystal chandeliers are often the center focal point for the formal Italian living room---casting a glow of radiance throughout the room. Queen Anne furniture with a distressed finish appears welcoming with adorning deep-colored fabrics.

Porch and Garden

The porch and garden can also show off Italian home decorating. Here, wrought iron gates and fences stabilize rose bushes and floral vines that offer a deep scent and colorful palette. Ornate water garden designs resemble a formal look with a water fountain trimmed in pavers or brick. In the center, a tall cherub water fountain overflows to a pool of water and koi below. Gazing balls and colored sphered glass in wrought iron stakes line brick paver paths and porches. Over-sized terra cotta pots are filled with begonias and succulents that take in all of the heat and sun. Large urns holding topiaries with flickering lights can greet guests as the sun sets.

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