Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Secure Outdoor Fences

Chain-link fences can be cut or climbed if you don't take precautions.

A fence is a useful tool in keeping unwanted visitors off your personal property but the fence itself is susceptible to compromise if you're not careful. A fence can potentially be climbed, broken or vandalized and it can be expensive to repair or replace. The fence should be treated like any other part of your property in that you should attempt to protect it from damage. Securing an outdoor fence requires some planning, diligence and the proper equipment. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Set the fence and the posts deeper into the ground to make it more resilient. You can dig the fence deeper into the ground with a shovel and there are diggers specifically designed to assist in lowering fence posts into the ground. Fence posts should penetrate at least a foot or two under the ground to help keep the fence stable and resistant to tipping. Setting the posts in concrete is also a common practice.

2. Use a guard dog to monitor the fence if you are capable of responsibly taking care of an animal. A dog can alert you by barking if anyone is approaching the fence and can possibly attack anyone who tries to climb over it.

3. Keep the fence well-lit at night. Security lighting works as a deterrent to potential vandals since it increases the chances they will be seen. Some use sensors that are motion-activated while others will turn on once it gets dark. Either type, or a combination of the two, will help prevent vandalism and damage.

4. Set an alarm near the fence. They rely on sensors much like the security lighting in that sudden motion will trigger a loud noise that helps startle a perpetrator away while also alerting you that someone is near your property.

5. Plant thorny bushes on both sides of the fence to provide a natural barrier that will make the fence more difficult to get to for vandalism or scaling purposes. Digging a deep trench on either side and filling it with water is another option to provide a barrier.

6. Install security spikes or barbed wire at the top of the fence to make it more difficult to climb over.

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