Monday, December 13, 2010

Window Treatments For Cottage Decor

Window Treatments for Cottage Decor

Cottage decor-examples of which include overstuffed floral print or white wicker furniture, mismatched accent tables and throw rugs scattered around hardwood floors-provides a comfortable and relaxed style of home interior. Window treatments for a cottage-style interior incorporate a simple design to complement the furnishings. Learn the basics of cottage window treatments to give your house a cozy, homey look. Does this Spark an idea?


Options for window treatments vary depending on the type of window you plan to cover in your cottage-style room. If you need privacy, consider plantation shutters with large 2-inch-wide slats. Create window treatments from shutters that you would normally place on the outside of your home, or install standard pull-down shades or relaxed Roman shades. (Note that relaxed Roman shades suit a cottage decor style better than other varieties of roman shades because they poof when raised and may have a decorative scalloped edge that fits in with the cottage look.)

If you select plantation shutters or standard pull-down shades, soften the look with draperies. Gauzy white sheers pair well with the shutters, and decorative lacy panels will work to cover the shades.

If privacy does not pose an issue, use breezy sheers or simple lightweight curtain panels to accent the design of the room without adding the heaviness other drapery styles can bring. Ruffled edges and lacy patterns work well with some cottage decor styles, while straight lines work better with others.


Part of the charm of a cottage-style decor lies in the fact that the room's furnishings do not have to match, which also holds true for the window treatments. If you'd like, install plantation shutters on one window and exterior shutters on another-although this approach works best for windows on different walls.

Attach exterior shutters to the inside of the windows in your cottage-decor room so they meet in the center of the window as they close. Leave enough room on either side of the window for the shutters to fit when open.

Install plantation shutters and all types of shades inside the window casing. This leaves you the option of layering with sheers or adding a decorative touch along the front-facing window casement. Incorporate stenciling for a simple way to add a touch of color or to highlight your favorite inspirational saying along the border of your window.

Sheers and other curtain styles fit on the outside of the window casement. Layer fabric panels over any style of shade-except the relaxed Roman shades and the exterior style shutters, which should stand alone.

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