Friday, December 10, 2010

Decorate A Bathroom For A Log House


Decorate a bathroom in your log house with natural elements, such as stone flooring and twig furniture, to complement the antique charisma of a claw-foot tub and pedestal sink. Wrought-iron accessories and natural fabrics add elegance and style to the bathroom while keeping in step with the rustic décor. Incorporate the design of your log house as you decorate the bathroom with a flair for comfortable country style. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Lay pebble floor tiles in the bathroom to add to the rustic ambiance of your log house. You can find a beautiful selection of river rock pebble tiles at your local home improvement store or at online retailers. Durable and natural, pebble floor tiles are a perfect choice to decorate your bathroom floor.

2. Install a claw foot tub and a pedestal sink to the bathroom in your log home. Old time charm combines with modern convenience and sets the stage for your rustic-style bathroom. Pewter, nickel or copper fixtures designed to look as if they were crafted a hundred years ago are excellent choices for both the tub and the sink.

3. Place a twig chair or bench and twig shelving your bathroom for both decoration and convenience. Natural twig furniture fits well with the rustic décor in your log home and can be used in the bathroom as well as in other parts of your house. Add a cushion to the seating made from a natural fabric for added comfort. Twig shelving for linens or bathroom accessories will offer height and balance if placed on a wall opposite the claw foot tub.

4. Decorate your bathroom walls with a wrought-iron mirror hung opposite the window for added light and botanical prints framed in natural wood or decorative metal frames. As an alternative to botanical prints, frame black and white digital prints of the area around your log house or hang old family photos in sepia tone.

5. Add a wrought-iron chandelier as lighting for your bathroom, along with wrought-iron sconces flanking the mirror over the sink. A decorative metal floor lamp in proximity to the claw-foot tub will also add to your rustic country bathroom décor.

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