Monday, December 13, 2010

English Garden Wedding Ideas

Few locations are more romantic and sweet than an English garden. English gardens embrace nature and delight visitors with innocence and romance. They are an ideal location for wedding ceremonies and receptions in fine weather. If there isn't an appropriate facility near you, bring elements of an English garden into your venue with fresh flowers, natural details and rustic charm.

About English Gardens

English gardens evoke innocence and romance in a natural setting. An English garden is marked by profusions of flowers in natural abundance. Though they are not haphazard and are indeed well-planned, English gardens tend to embrace nature's artistry rather than containing it and forcing it into submission. Flowers and plants most often used in English gardens include roses, primroses, lavender, poppies, pansies, delphinium, foxglove, bachelor's buttons, ivy and lily of the valley. Topiaries are also popular.

An English garden is inviting. There are often flower-lined paths to wander and benches to relax on. Fountains, wrought-iron gates, picket fences and trellises are also common features.

Decorating an English Garden

The best time to have an English garden-themed wedding is in springtime, when flowers are in bloom. Check your local nurseries, parks and historic homes for good garden options. If an appropriate garden is not available, you can always create one, either indoors or outdoors. Bring the classic features of an English garden into your decor. Include typical English flowers, like roses, lavender, pansies and lily of the valley. Set up benches and birdbaths. Consider a flower-lined aisle to walk down. Find wooden wheelbarrows or carts and paint them muted, natural colors, like white, light blue or light green. Or leave them rustic and natural and fill them with potted flowers or plants.

For centerpieces, you could use small topiaries in whimsical designs. Bird baths would be a nice touch, too. Or consider wildflowers set in baskets or English tea pots. The bride and bridesmaids should carry profusions of flowers in their bouquets, with primroses, delphinium or rosemary.


Clothing for an English garden wedding should be traditional, romantic and light. Don't wear anything heavy or too ornate. Lace and tulle are appropriate fabrics, and be sure to wear attire with simple lines. Satin ribbon and pearls are ideal for accessories and jewelry. Consider a spray of flowers woven into the bride's hair or delicate floral garlands for the bridesmaids. Colors should be natural, in pinks, blues, greens and creamy whites. The groomsmen would be appropriate in linen suits with floral boutonnieres.


The food at an English garden wedding should be fresh and flavorful. Baked ham, green salad, grilled fish, chicken salad, fresh fruits and pasta salads are fine options. Finger sandwiches and tea are typically English. Fresh vegetables are perfect: include carrots, asparagus and new potatoes. Serve punch, champagne and lemonade. Have a floral design for the cake and perhaps include edible flowers.

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