Monday, November 26, 2012

About Ornamental Garden Gates

A garden gate welcomes visitors to the yard.

An ornamental garden gate makes a garden appear to be a destination, as if a visitor has reached the end of a journey to a special place. Garden gates can be massive stone structures, delicate iron arches or anything in between. Whether draped with blooming wisteria or sleek and minimal, garden gates provide a welcoming entrance to an outdoor oasis. Does this Spark an idea?


Ornamental garden gates can be made of brick, stone, iron, wood or even vinyl. Some garden gates are woven from bamboo or other natural materials, such as grapevine. Gates made of brick, stone and metal have a traditional look and are better suited to formal or traditional gardens. Wood has a more casual look, well suited to a country garden or a casual space. Bamboo complements an Asian or modern garden.


The style of the garden should dictate the style of the garden gate. An English country garden, for example, is a perfect fit for a wooden arbor. Elaborate, curvy and romantic wrought-iron gates complement a Victorian house and garden. A naturalized garden would benefit from a stacked-stone gate or a rustic garden gate made of untreated wood naturally aged and weathered to a soft gray. Asian garden gates have a minimalist, sleek look for Japanese gardens.


The most common types of ornamental gates are archways and arbors. Archways are simple, open, curving structures meant to frame a view or provide an entrance to a garden. Arbors are more elaborate, with three enclosed sides typically made of wood or wrought iron. Both options provide architectural structure to the garden, as well as a place for plants to climb. As plants overtake the structures, they become an organic element.


Ornamental garden gates can be traced back to the Ancient Egyptians, who built pergolas, or a series of archways tied together with wooden beams or posts. These structures provided a shady spot for sitting or strolling beneath and are still used in gardens today. Climbing plants typically grow up and over pergolas, providing further shade.


Ornamental garden gates are available from multiple sources. Vintage garden gates can be found at antique malls, architectural salvage stores and yard sales. Nurseries and home-improvement stores carry garden gates in any style. Some people build their own, using grapevine, lattice or other materials. Some companies hand-forge wrought-iron gates. This is a more expensive option, but the end result is a unique work of art, almost like a garden sculpture.

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