Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bright Ideas For A Gazebo

A gazebo is an enjoyable place to relax on a summer day.

A gazebo is a favorite place to put your feet up and relax on a warm summer day. Metal, wood, pop up, tent and canopy describe types of gazebos. Smaller gazebos accommodate as few as two people, while larger styles are created to hold entire wedding receptions. Consider several ideas for creating a bright and inviting gazebo. Does this Spark an idea?


Stains and paints can brighten, refresh and protect wood. Any wood floor, railing or frame of your gazebo needs to be protected against the weather. Stain is absorbed into the wood, available in assorted finishes and resists peeling and buildup from repeated applications. Paint protects the wood and provides an array of bright color options. Metal gazebos are commonly manufactured from a rust-resistant material that is maintenance-free for many years.


Pots of colorful flowers add zest and vitality to a gazebo. Terra cotta, stone or hanging planters overflowing with assorted flowers in reds, yellows and oranges bring cheerful life to a gazebo. A winding flagstone pathway leading to your gazebo imparts charm and character to the landscape. Perennial shrubs, bushes and wildflowers planted around a stationary gazebo add stability and color without yearly planting.


All-weather wicker, teak wood and wrought iron furniture are well-suited choices for the gazebo. The size of your gazebo will determine selection of specific furniture pieces. A settee, coffee table and two chairs create an arrangement conducive for conversation and relaxation. Outdoor dining ensembles provide spaces for entertaining and relaxing meals. Smaller gazebos are right for a morning coffee bistro set or a favorite lounge chair.


Accessory ideas for brightening your gazebo are endless. Cozy lanterns, twinkling string lights, solar path lights and tiki torches brighten the evenings in your gazebo. Colorful, weatherproof seat cushions and throw pillows add cozy comfort and a splash of color. A small bubbling fountain soothingly gurgles in the background. An outdoor area rug provides softness and texture to your gazebo floor.

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