Friday, November 2, 2012

Mount Wrought Iron Drapery Hardware To The Ceiling

Hang curtains from the ceiling above your bed to create a canopy effect.

Although curtains and drapery are most often hung from rods attached to a wall, there are times when you may want to hang curtains from the ceiling. For example, you can use ceiling-hung curtain panels to divide a room or add privacy, or just to give a slight twist to the look of your window treatments. Additionally, you can create a luxurious canopy treatment by hanging curtain panels from the ceiling above your bed. While installing drapery hardware on a ceiling is basically the same as installing it on a wall, there are a few special steps to follow. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Shop carefully for brackets, being certain to purchase brackets that can be used on a ceiling. Many curtain rod brackets have arms with U-shaped ends that the rod simply rests in. These work well when installed on a wall but will not work on a ceiling. Instead, look for brackets and rods that are all one piece or brackets that encircle the rod and hold it securely from any angle.

2. Hold the rods and brackets up to the ceiling to determine their placement. Use a pencil to mark where the brackets' pilot holes will be drilled.

3. Drill the pilot holes. If you have drilled into drywall and not into solid wood, insert a wall anchor into each hole. Tap the wall anchor gently with a small hammer so it slides into the pilot hole and is flush with the ceiling.

4. Attach the brackets to the ceiling with screws. If you've used wall anchors, twist the screws directly into them.

5. Slide the curtain rod through the brackets, if applicable. Some brackets include a small screw that you tighten against the rod to hold it more securely. If this is the case with your brackets and rods, tighten the screws until they hold the rod in place but do not over-tighten.

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