Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Decorate With A White Leather Couch And Loveseat

Glass or dark wood coffee tables work well with white leather furniture.

A white leather sofa and loveseat can give a living room a modern or classic look. Using contrasting colors, such as white furniture with dark wood accents, creates a sophisticated and timeless feel. Leather is a very durable material and many people feel it can be overwhelming and masculine. However, there are ways to soften the room by using key accessories and natural materials. Whether you choose to create an all-white modern look or use bold colors in contrast, white leather furniture is a great base for several different decorating styles. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Decide on a decorating style. White leather sofas and loveseats are often used in contemporary homes. Furniture is typically sleek and minimal with a few key accents. White leather furniture can also be used to create a classic look with dark wood and wrought iron accents. As white leather sofas and loveseats come in many shapes, sizes and styles, examine them first to see with which decorating style they would work best. For example, a low back sofa or sofa with a curved back could be used in a modern room.

2. Paint the walls. Some people may prefer to paint the walls white for a clean, modern style. Others may find that to be too drab and prefer to add color. Neutral colors such as tan and grey add soft color to the walls for a classic look. For someone wanting something more bold, bright yellow walls with white furniture and black accessories provides a stunning look.

3. Place the sofa and loveseat in the room. The sofa and loveseat should be placed in an "L" shape, not across from each other. As the loveseat is smaller than the sofa, they would look awkward opposite one another. The sofa should ideally be placed on a longer wall than the loveseat.

4. Add other furniture. For a modern look, use sleek furniture such as glass coffee tables and end tables with a wrought iron base. For a more classic look, use dark wood, such as mahogany for a coffee table and end tables.

5. Finish the look with accessories. The modern look is minimalistic so don't overdo the accessories. Select a key piece of art or figurine to highlight the space. For a more classic look, soften up the room with accent pillows on the sofa and loveseat and a fluffy rug. Natural linen curtains will also help soften the room. Use dark accent pieces to contrast the white furniture. For example, place a dark wood framed mirror above a fireplace or a use wrought iron light fixture.

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