Friday, November 16, 2012

Patio Railing Ideas

Patio Railing Ideas

A patio railing provides a decorative element as well as a security feature that outlines the paved entertainment area in your backyard. The railing can complement the patio's shape and provide a base to set your benches against or from which to hang flowerpots. It may also serve as security to both you and your pets. It can help your large dog from wandering on or off the patio, and you can use it to steady yourself on an icy morning. Does this Spark an idea?

Traditional Wood Railings

Create a traditional style with natural or painted colonial wood railings. Use posts with a rectangular bottom, oval middle and ball cap to capture a classic colonial design. Use a thin rounded piece of wood across the top and bottom of the railing area between posts. Use thin oval pieces of wood to create vertical slats in the middle of the railing.

Secure a wood picket fence as a patio railing for a country style. Hang a small flowerpot from every third picket to add some color. You can also line flower-filled planters or large flowerpots along the railing's base. Build the railing short to keep it purely decorative or build it tall to use the railing as a protective barrier.

White Wood Railings

Add white wood railings to accent patios that contain white marble, concrete, stone or wood. Use a thick horizontal slat of white wood for the top and bottom of the railing. Use thick white rectangular posts to secure the railing and thin white posts to create an open stripe pattern between the slats.

Aluminum Railings

Take advantage of aluminum's sturdy and simple nature to create a variety of patio railing ideas. Use a short cream-colored rectangular railing with an open crisscross pattern in the middle for a soft style. Use a short green rectangular railing with vine-shaped vertical slats across the middle for a style that will blend easily with your garden area.

You can also use thin silver angel-shaped aluminum posts that stick above the railing pieces for a fancier look. Add silver spiral pieces of aluminum to create the railing slats, and use a single silver spiral as a vertical line across the top of the railings. Add small silver pots filled with white flowers on each side of a railing post for decoration.

Wrought Iron Railings

Black wrought iron has a versatile and fancy nature that makes it a popular choice for highly decorative patio railings. Use thick twisted pieces of wrought iron topped with flower-shaped iron caps for the railing posts. Add thin, twisted pieces of wrought iron to create vertical slats across the railing for a fancy floral style. Run a twisted piece of iron horizontally across the top and bottom of the railing to secure the ends.

Loop long pieces of iron so that both ends stick into the patio and create an arch in the middle for a different look. Place the loops every 8 inches to create posts for the railing. Weave one long piece of the iron horizontally across the lower section of the railing and another piece across the upper section.

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