Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Arc Weld Fence Panels Without Warping

Whether you are fencing a home in the city or your ranch in the country, steel panels can be an attractive way to fence your property. Steel fence panels come in many shapes and sizes, so you can be certain that you will find the right fit for your application. One thing to watch out for when installing fence panels is warping. If you follow a few procedures, your fence panels will be straight and last for years to come. Does this Spark an idea?


Arc Weld Fence Panels Without Warping

1. Layout your fence panels lined up with the posts to which they will be welded.

2. Clean the panels and posts where they will be welded together using a grinder or wire brush.

3. Attach the grounding cable clamp to the top of the post for the panel you are working on.

4. Set the controls on the arc welder. The manual will tell you what settings are needed for the metal thickness and rod you are using. If you don't have the manual, welding supply stores usually have a guide, often complimentary, for arc welding.

5. Tack weld the panel at the top first, then halfway down the panel, then at the base of the panel.

6. Weld the panel from top to bottom, 8 to 12 inches at a time, allowing the metal to cool before continuing the weld. If you overheat the fence panel, you risk burning through it or warping it.

7. Set up the next panel while the weld cools. This allows you to minimize down time while the previous weld cools.

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