Monday, November 5, 2012

Decorate Old Italian Style

A wrought-iron bed and white linens gives your bedroom a European flair.

Decorating in an old Italian style gives your home a Mediterranean look. It is not difficult to do this by using the correct style of furniture, decor and colors. Finding vintage, distressed or antique furnishings is a creative way to give your home the old world ambiance of the Tuscany countryside. These type of homes have an elegant, formal appeal that is intimate and comfortable at the same time. This creates a visual balance perfect for entertaining family or friends. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Invest in wrought-iron furnishings to give your home an old Italian-style atmosphere. Wrought iron is available in bookshelves, magazine racks, beds, tables, chairs and occasional tables. It is also evident in many types of wall art.

2. Decorate your bedroom with white or cream, old-fashioned linens, draperies and doilies. Contrasting this with a dark wrought-iron bed frame gives it an old-world touch. Trims with lace or scalloped edging heighten the look.

3. Use bold colors in earth shades, such as rustic red, gold, warm peach, olive green or vibrant purple in your accessories throughout the other rooms. Paint your walls in a deep cream or taupe shade.

4. Purchase accessories, such as lampshades, throw pillows and afghans with beading or tassels as the trim. Old Italian homes are somewhat formal and elegant in their appearance and these trims work well with the style.

5. Place wall art, pottery and area rugs around the rooms with floral designs, scroll work or fleur de lis patterns in rich accent colors.

6. Purchase heavy dinnerware that has the look of pottery with bold designs or earthy shades.

7. Utilize decorative tile or faux brick on your backsplashes, countertops and other areas where you desire an old-world look in your home.

8. Place old Italian wine bottles on wine racks, on your countertops or on shelves to use as decor in your kitchen. Other old Italian-looking items that work well with this style are jars of fancy olives or faux or real artichokes, grapes and vines.

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