Friday, November 9, 2012

Directions To Make An Oversized Ironing Board Top

Make a detachable ironing board top to expand your existing work surface.

If a standard ironing board is a little on the small side when it comes to ironing bedding, and you cannot find a bigger one in your local stores, then the answer is to make a bigger ironing board top to expand your ironing surface. Permanently attach an ironing board top, or make a detachable ironing board top for your convenience.


1. Go to your local DIY store and look at the types of wood or chipboard that are available for purchase. Chipboard will be the lightest material to use for your ironing board top.

2. Draw the standard shape of the ironing board with chalk or pencil. Use your existing ironing board as a template. Expand the ironing board shape by drawing a second outline 2 to 3 inches (or more) away from the first line drawn. Use a yardstick to mark the distance and to draw in a straight line.

3. Cut out the shape using a hand saw.

4. Sand the edges of the wood with sandpaper wrapped around a wooden block to make the sides smooth and to remove any splinters.

5. Attach the board permanently to the existing ironing board top with metal to wood bonding glue.

6. Make a detachable board as an alternative. Cut two pieces of wood approximately 2 inches wide and over 10 inches long. Attach the two strips of wood to the underside of the bigger ironing board top. Place each strip at either side of the existing ironing board width to serve as a grip. Screw into position.

7. Cover with a padded ironing board cover. Make a new cover if necessary, or add extra material by sewing a strip of similar fabric around the rim edge of the existing cover.

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