Monday, November 26, 2012

Kitchen Decorating Ideas With Plates On The Wall

Kitchen Decorating Ideas With Plates on the Wall

Plates aren't simply dinnerware; they can be used as creative decor pieces as well. If you have a treasured collection of vintage plates, use them to enhance any room in your house. Showcase your heirloom pieces by placing them on a wall shelf; they will become the focal point of the room. If you are decorating on a limited budget, buy inexpensive plates to enhance artwork, pictures, mirrors or any other items that need to be set off. Use vibrant plates to add color and interest to a boring, neutral-toned space. Does this Spark an idea?

Vintage Dessert Plates

Vintage dessert plates come in a medley of patterns and colors, Many feature lacy details, opulent gold trim or dainty floral patterns. If you have an antique plate collection, put them to use in your dining room or kitchen. If your dinner table is against a wall, hang the plates in a circular or square pattern as a charming focal point. Dress your table with a tablecloth or place mats that complement the sweet plates; choose pale pink, soft blue or mint green table decor. Hang the plates using adhesive plate hangers, which are spring-loaded so that they securely grasp edges.

Decorative Border

Use vibrantly colored plates to create a border around a mirror, a piece of artwork or any other decor item. Hang a painting on your living room wall, and use single-hued ceramic plates to outline the piece; choose plate colors that complement shades featured in the painting. In your bedroom, set off a basic vanity mirror using floral-patterned porcelain plates for a feminine look.

Wall Shelf

Hang a wall shelf and display plates that coordinate with the overall theme of a room. If your kitchen features a Tuscan-inspired style, install a rustic wrought iron shelf. Decorate the shelf with gold-hued ceramic plates featuring grapevine and olive patterns. In a room with an island vibe, hang a white wicker shelf filled with blue shell-patterned plates.

Festive Designs

Use plates to form festive designs on your wall. If you are celebrating Valentine's day, arrange red ceramic plates in a heart formation in your bedroom. At Christmastime, use green plates to create a pine tree in your living room; place a shiny gold plate on top to represent a star. During spring and summer months, use flower-shaped plates in shades of green, yellow and orange to create wall floral arrangements.

Plate Backdrop

Hang decorative plates to form a backdrop for large furniture pieces. Place your bed against a wall and display plates in a square pattern to represent a headboard; choose plate colors that complement the hues in your bedding. Hang several vertical rows of vintage plates behind an antique sofa.

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