Thursday, September 9, 2010

Better Architectural Details & Character To A Garden Home

Add architectural details and decor to your garden home.

Creating a garden style home can be both fun and rewarding. There are many decorative accents that can be added to a garden home to add to its appeal, which you will reap the rewards of every time you look at it or walk in the door. Architectural details add character and splendor, and many people recognize garden style homes by these simple details alone. Both the exterior and interior of garden homes should consist of architectural details and decor that consistently reflect the style. Does this Spark an idea?


Exterior Details

1. Add exterior molding and trim to the house. Apply molding around the doors, windows and outline of the house. These simple additions can completely change the look of the home. Ornamental pediment flowers will also add to the garden look. These are carved decorative pieces, usually made of plaster. Place these above the door or centered on the front of the house. Ornamental brackets also add overall appeal. According to, these are small decorative projections used to support (or appear to support) a projecting eaves or lintel.

2. Create well-designed garden beds. Define the garden areas with garden trim and surround the plants with mulch. Choose plants that are not too "groomed" looking. Different varieties of roses, sage, ligustrum and plants native to your area are good choices. Also add window boxes to the windows and fill them with flowers.

3. Add details to the yard and front of the house. Hang up a porch swing and place garden chairs on the porch. Add a white picket fence around the front of the house, with an archway at the entrance that roses can be trained to climb. A rock pathway to the door adds to the garden appearance. Put potted plants on the porch and hang roll-down shades or curtains to shade the area and add appeal.

Interior Details

4. Add molding and decorative trim to the inside of the house. Apply these at the base and top of the walls. If the house has stairs, use decorative railings.

5. Place aged pieces of furniture in the home. For example, a white side table with a crackle paint finish adds to the ambience of the garden home. Wicker furniture also gives a garden-home feel.

6. Place potted plants in the house. According to, the object of garden design is to bring the feel of the outdoors into the house. Hang ferns from decorative ceiling hooks and use other shade-loving plants inside.

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