Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Decorate A Spanish Bungalow

Draw inspiration from your surroundings as you decorate your Spanish bungalow.

Create an ambiance of comfort and warmth with Spanish-inspired decor. Brightly colored accent pieces complement the earth tones, inspired by nature. Rustic furniture choices maintain the inviting appeal you wish to achieve in a Mediterranean-style home without overpowering the often smaller spaces of a bungalow. Tile flooring and vividly woven rugs tie the pieces together to create a Spanish bungalow you and your friends can enjoy for years. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Paint the outside of your home in colors of the sky or dessert. Accent with bold-colored shutters and bright doors and trim. Mimic sun-drenched outdoor spaces and wild flowers with your paint choices.

2. Paint the interior rooms in rich, earthy tones. The red colors of clay and terra cotta, bronze and orange sunsets or yellow sunrises offer plenty of inspiration for any room in your home. Choose lighter colors for rooms with limited natural light. Sun porches and well lit rooms can handle deeper paint colors.

3. Give your walls the appearance of plaster with various painting techniques.

Texture the walls as you paint. Mix the paint with drywall mud and apply it to the walls with a paint roller. Apply a second coat with a trowel to give your walls a stucco or plaster appearance. Apply the paint in half-moon motions. Use sponge-painting techniques if you prefer the appearance of texture but want a flat-paint wall.

4. Tile floors lighten rooms filled with heavy furniture pieces.

Replace carpet with Spanish tile flooring or even brick. The brick flooring is somewhat harder to keep clean but accents sunrooms nicely. Carry the tile flooring throughout your home.

5. Incorporate wrought iron and copper fixtures and accents into your Spanish Bungalow decor. Hang an old wrought iron gate above a console curio cabinet. Install antique copper sconces with a slight patina in the dining room. A multi-armed iron chandelier works well in a foyer that boasts a high ceiling.

6. Make use of large wood furniture pieces. Transform an old armoire into your entertainment center. Stain lighter oak end tables in darker shades and add heavy metal hardware. Put an old parson's bench in the hallway. Use an antique trunk as a coffee table.

7. Leather chairs provide comfort and style to your Spanish bungalow.

Flank a mission-style sofa with two overstuffed leather recliners or side chairs in the living room. Add a touch of formality with an ornate love seat. In the dining room use upholstered captain chairs that have been ornately carved around the entire table.

8. Brighten the room with a serape.

Accent the rooms with rich tapestries hung on the walls. Lay brightly woven serapes over arms of chairs and the sofa. Place several vases of fresh flowers on tables throughout your bungalow. Hang dried flowers and vegetables from windows and above the doorways.

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