Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Use Chemical Stripper On Curly Wrought Iron Furniture

Curly wrought iron furniture can get a whole new look if stripped and repainted.

Curly wrought iron furniture is beautiful but sometimes needs new paint. The old paint must be completely removed before the piece can be repainted. Chemical stripping products are effective but can be toxic. Does this Spark an idea?


Getting ready

1. Put on protective clothing: a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, and sturdy shoes.

2. Cover the work area with a drop cloth or several layers of newspaper. Place a bottle of clean water nearby.

3. Arrange the brushes and bucket of water for accessibility.

Removing old paint

4. Put on the rubber gloves and eye protection. Pour about a cup of the stripper into a small bucket. Turn the furniture upside down so you can access it. Starting in hard-to-reach places, brush a thick coat of stripper onto the furniture.

5. Let the stripper work for five to ten minutes. The old paint will start to bubble up.

6. Using the scrub brush, rub briskly to remove paint. Some will come off easily; parts will still adhere to the furniture. Rinse the brush in the bucket of water and repeat.

7. Choose brushes according to the space you are working in. A diagonal-cut brush is excellent for getting into the narrow places in curly designs, like flowers and leaves.

8. On large pieces of furniture, apply stripper to two separate areas so you can scrape one while the stripper is working on the other.

9. Rinse repeatedly to remove traces of stripper. Change the rinse water frequently.

10. When all the paint has been removed, use a clean sponge to rinse the entire piece.

11. Allow to dry thoroughly before applying primer.

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