Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Decorate A Large Living Room With Dark Furniture

While lots of people think they'd like to have the problem of a large living room, it can be a challenge to make that room inviting, attractive and functional. Using dark furniture might seem to further complicate the matter, but it really doesn't. Instead, think about other countries and their decorating, and find a style that suits you and your furniture for a large living room that says "Welcome home." Does this Spark an idea?


1. Look closely at your furniture and decide whether it's a certain style: Mediterranean furniture is usually large, low to the ground, uses carved wood at its base and jewel colors in upholstery. Mission-style furniture uses slats of plain dark wood to form the backs and arms of a sofa or chair, for example. Knowing what style your furniture resembles can give you lots of ideas for accessories.

2. Toss a tapestry throw over one or two pieces of upholstered furniture and consider adding a leather tabletop to your sofa table or coffee table for a real Mediterranean accent. Wrought-iron candle holders or wall sconces are great, and big terra cotta pottery jars in the corners with colorful flowers (real or silk) adds a warm touch, too.

3. Use big copper bowls and candleholders to accent your Mission-style furniture. Soften the very straight lines of this style with a thick rug underfoot, especially one with a border of simple leaves or elongated flowers. Lamps with simple wooden bases and opaque glass shades are perfect for setting on tiled-top end tables.

4. Add glass and chrome end tables and a stark white rug for bold contrast to your dark furniture.

5. Select two bold colors as accents throughout the room; blue and yellow, for example. Make the look a little bit country with yards of eyelet cotton for curtains, bright yellow daisies in vases and pillows in every shade of blue. Group several small country-themed pictures on a wall and then hang an oversized one in the same theme and style on the opposite wall to make the room appear smaller.

6. Choosing the accessories is the fun part of decorating! If your dark furniture has red upholstery, hang dark wood bead curtains from the ceiling all around a group of chairs and a loveseat, to make an intimate, yet open conversation area. Use brass lamps throughout and an old oriental rug plus tons of pillows for a room from Morocco.

7. Paint the wooden door and window frames in your room sky blue and add dotted Swiss sheer curtains at all the windows for a very different look. Put lots of bright floral-print pillows on all the furniture and add more Swiss accessories like an old milk can in the corner filled with a sheaf of wheat, or a painting of the Alps.

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