Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Decorate With Bed Frames

A bedroom should be a sanctuary--a place to kick back at the end of a long day and find relaxation from a hectic world. While overall bedroom decor should be warm and inviting, the bed should be the focal point: a spot you want to sink into and the piece of furniture that enhances the room's style and decor. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Use a bookshelf (the same width as the mattress) as a bed frame headboard. Paint it a color that coordinates with the room's decor (or leave it as is) and use screws to attach it to a metal bed frame. A bookshelf makes a functional bed frame for a child's room: Store books and baskets (to hold clutter) on the shelves.

2. For a unique look, consider a wrought iron bed frame. Select white or cream in a shabby finish for a cottage or beach home, ornate, "curly" style for a romantic or Tuscan look, and nickel or black for contemporary decor.

3. Turn an old bed frame into new again. Lightly sand the bed frame and give it two coats of satin finish paint, letting each coat dry thoroughly. For a distressed finish, gently sand the edges of the bed frame.

4. For an inexpensive bed frame, use a metal bed frame that holds solely the box spring and mattress (no headboard and footboard) then create a virtual bed frame. Place three large king size pillows along the wall and three to five twin and decorative pillows (square and bolster style) in front to create a headboard appearance. Place a trunk, ottoman or leather storage cubes at the base of the bed to create a footboard.

5. For a romantic feel, consider a canopy bed frame that allows you to drape a sheer white curtain around the bed.

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