Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Decorate A Iron Canopy For A Wedding

Winding roses throughout your iron wedding canopy can add a romantic touch.

Wrought iron canopies or arches can add a romantic, old-fashioned look to any outdoor wedding. They can be used for years to come as a garden or yard decoration, giving a magical and nostalgic welcome to your home. Decorating the canopy for your wedding day can be quite easy, once you decide what type of look you are going for, and select the appropriate decorations to fit with your wedding theme.


1. Create a romantic and fragrant mood by winding fresh roses or other flowers through the iron-work on your canopy. If using real flowers, make sure the stems are long enough to tuck through and around the different iron scrolls on the canopy to secure them. If using artificial flowers, you can use clear tape to secure the stems and hide the taped sections by winding green vines throughout the canopy as well. You can also use white or colored ribbons to tie artificial or live flowers to the canopy, making decorative bows on each bloom. One live vine to consider is wisteria, which features beautiful grape clusters of fragrant blooms. You can also use ivy vines.

2. Add strands of Christmas lights by weaving them around the entire exterior of the canopy. You can secure the lights to the canopy by using ribbons or floral wire. White lights can go with a wedding in any season, and colorful red and green lights can add a romantic touch to a Christmas wedding. You can hide the wires of the lights by wrapping artificial greenery around them on the canopy.

3. Add decorative touches to the canopy by using non-traditional items such as gold garland for a Christmas wedding, or strands of silver stars or silver bells which can be purchased at most craft or wedding supply shops. Both of these items can be attached to the canopy with clean tape or floral wire, or can even be woven throughout the sides of the canopy. You can also purchase yards of material, such as white chiffon on white silk, at your local fabric shop and drape it over the canopy to create a romantic tent-look, tying the material back on the sides of the canopy with white ribbons.

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