Friday, September 24, 2010

Metal Fence Ideas

Metal fences are a great way to enclose your yard while adding a personal decorative touch to your landscape. They can be both functional and appealing. There are many types of metal fences that are designed to be used in nearly any imaginative way you can conjure: enclosures, gates and accents. Does this Spark an idea?

Type of Metal

The type of metal you choose for your fence will determine its durability and design. There are three primary material for metal fences: chain link, aluminum and wrought iron. Chain-link fences are a practical and economical fence design with little ornamental value or privacy.

Aluminum fences have become popular because consumers can get aluminum fencing that has the look of wrought iron without the cost. You can enclose an area securely with a nice finish. Wrought iron is the top choice for high-end fence enclosures. It is a durable look that creates a classical estate look. Aluminum and wrought iron fences do not provide privacy as people can see into the property, but the fences are often part of the landscape design.


Most metal fences do not innately create a sense of privacy. They are designed for security. There are different ways to incorporate privacy or landscape design with a metal fence. For aluminum fences, you can add to the design by planting vines along the fence to grow over it and add privacy or attach privacy screens to them.

Aluminum and wrought iron come in a variety of shapes. You can mount them flush to the ground so there is no barrier at the bottom of the fence or you can mount them in a brick or cement base. When looking at a base design, you can have a small foundation on the bottom or actually create a wall with cement and bricks and use the fencing to add ornate components as well as to create gated entryways. There are rounded tops or level fences, depending on your preference.

Cost Difference

Of course, with any home design project you must consider the cost and create a budget to accomplish your goals. For those on restrictive budgets seeking to create an enclosure to protect pets and family members, the best bet is a chain-link fence. Chain link can be purchased in a roll at a hardware or home improvement store for about $105 per 50 feet in 2009. Chain link is quick to install, thereby costing less in labor.

Aluminum fencing usually comes in sections between 4 and 6 feet wide. Look for competitive costs of approximately $250 to $350 per section in 2009. Wrought iron will require the most labor and is often custom-built for specific parcel needs. Expect to pay at least $100 per foot of fence in 2009.

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