Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Garden Patio Design Ideas

Escape to a garden patio designed to suit your lifestyle. Fill the space with comfortable furniture, planted containers and conveniences that contribute to your relaxation. Embrace the outdoors with a garden patio space that beacons you to sit and enjoy the view or take a nap beneath a shady tree. Does this Spark an idea?

Cozy Courtyard Patio

Design a patio to resemble a cozy courtyard with cobblestone paver flooring and decorative wrought iron fencing around the perimeter. Plant clematis, climbing roses and ivy to decorate the fence. Create a dining area in the space with a wrought iron bistro-style table and chairs. Increase the comfort level with thickly padded loungers. Place a fountain in one corner and containers overflowing with herbs and flowers throughout the patio space.

Sleek Teak Patio

Design a patio space with sleek, modern conveniences such as a gas fireplace with a mosaic glass surround and fire crystals covering the fire box. Teak lounge and dining furniture complement the colorful glass while adding warmth to the space. Ground the area with slate tile flooring dotted sparingly with concrete planters filled with greenery. Line one or two of the patio borders with long teak planter boxes behind teak bench seating.

Cottage Garden Patio

Create the feel of a cottage garden throughout your patio space with a flagstone paver floor separated by low growing, aromatic herbs. Comfortable lounge furniture made from white wicker covered with overstuffed floral or checkered cushions fit with a cottage design style. Border the patio with a low stone wall made from river rock, quartz or a mixture of natural stones. Decorate the patio with colorful ceramic planters brimming with lavender, rosemary, sage, basil or any combination of flowering plants.

Outdoor Living

Design a garden patio as an outdoor living space complete with a covered kitchen area along one side and a lounging area with a fireplace on the other. Leave room for a large outdoor dining table to separate the two spaces.

The kitchen area could include a built-in grill, small fridge, sink and bar area under a tiki-style roof so you can entertain, rain or shine. Hang an outdoor flat screen television on a built-in back wall or support post for added entertainment value.

Create a free-standing stone fireplace as a border opposite the kitchen space. Fill in the living space with comfortable outdoor seating and occasional tables.

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